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magic month   
06:56pm 05/07/2008
  okay look. all i want to do is have a party where tyler and taylor show up. i know this is a tall order, because i know how it is to be whipped (trust me. i know how it is to be whipped.), but magic month is not magic month until we have:

  • Frosties
  • Samosas
  • Scrabble
  • Weezer
  • All-hungry double-sandwich
  • Perkins
  • Wal-Mart
  • Firefly
  • Little Debbie cakes
  • Me falling asleep at 6:30
  • Rogue Squadron
  • Fights
  • Tons of gay sex

obviously, we have all of the elements except one. max, rico, paul and i can have all the gay sex in the world, but without the fist and the mole... lets just say ive been coming up a little short...... ? sick...

so here is my proposal: Bitch-Free Friday.

no bitches allowed. any friday (or any day really) that the lot of us haven't already made plans to be whipped. my folks will be back in a few weeks and i refuse to let that few weeks run by without at least one day/night of magic month. i guess since i dont have a facebook it makes it tough to get in touch with me (no it doesn't), so call me and let me know. leave me a livejournal comment? email me? give me a hug? come to my house? the garage code is the same. i just miss you guys :( and i miss when we all just hated rico instead of hating each other. just kidding.

let me know!!!



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i know its on the wrong side but...   
09:52pm 10/09/2006
  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

sorry taylor

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I have one thing to say...   
07:28pm 21/08/2006
  Garlic pickles are in season.  

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gothic flavor   
02:28pm 31/05/2006
  i am disgusting:

pichursCollapse )

man i hate taking pictures of myself, its hard! thats the end of that.

what else... i quit astronomy club. i bought a genesis comic book. i wrote a song. i slept on the floor of an airport for 45 minutes. i wrote a hit play and directed it. i finished reading breakfast of champions. i saw les triplettes de belleville and howls moving castle, both of which i enjoyed considerably. i fell asleep. i bought tetris for my phone, and havent stopped playing it. i said 'shit' in front of my parents and they both laughed. scooter moved to arizona to pursue yoga fantasies. abby said 'ass', i think by accident. i dont know why italics is the equivolent of a french accent, but it works in my head.

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I woke up this morning and I was the ugliest person I had ever seen in my life   
01:01pm 14/05/2006
  I can understand why people are confused by my desire to not celebrate my birthday. I think the main thing is that my growing one year older seems so insignificant because I'm so far behind everyone else. Jason and Daniel are 25. Doug is 27, turning 28. Everyone else is about to turn 21 if they haven't already this year. 19 means nothing. 21 is a big deal (as far as I can tell at least; people sure do make a big deal of it.) 20 wont even matter. Turning 21 will probably be fun or whatever. But by that point, everyone else will be 23 or 4. Doug will turn 30 the year I turn 21... I'm pretty sure, though, that it wont matter after 21. I think insurance rates drop at 25.... But this sort of thing only matters around birthdays. I'm sure it will have a greater impact after everyone turns 21 this year, but ultimately not much of one. I’m comfortable being younger, because I feel that I am at a respectable level of maturity... or whatever. But in the meantime, being reminded that I am 2 years younger than most of my friends does nothing for my self-confidence (do I have self-confidence issues? low self-esteem?) In my personal opinion, I believe that (in all respects other than legal ones) my age doesn't make a damn bit of difference. I'm sure some would beg to differ, and maybe we can chat about it sometime. To celebrate my birthday, I spent 70 dollars on records, bought a dvd player for my room, and shaved off everything but my moustache and soul patch (see jodi for pictures)? Thanks to everyone who came over and hung out and did all sorts of things with me allllll day.

...... sorry for being a whiney bitch.......

I got some new glasses and they are effing up my vision. Its really funny. And they're super reflective.

I want to have a Zaireeka party this summer. I can't imagine anyone other than me, Leah, Isaac, and Danny wanting to do it, so I guess its not really a party... but we only need four people anyway...

Also, my folks and Sam are leaving town from June 18-24(ish, I think). Abby moved out last week. Magic week part deux?? or trois? however you see things.

Please, no one think that I'm crazy... Know how I'm sick in my stomach all the time? Well, this will sound weird, but I got healed 2 weeks ago. Like the crazy spiritual healing shit that you see on tv. Only not crazy or shit. Because all of that stuff is in the Bible. And its totally accessible to us. And that excites the hell out of me. I don’t know, its a really weird thing to just sorta throw out there, and I don’t want any of you to think that I'm crazy, so if you have any questions just ask me because I’m not talking about it any more on here.

Soooooooooooo anyway, thanks to everyone for being my friend and putting up with me being a weirdo and making an effort to hang out yesterday. You guys are the bestttttttttttt.

Yummy sandwich!!!!

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someone erased my tv...   
12:40am 26/02/2006
  my grandma is dead as of three hours ago
i got dumped last sunday
im failing math
remember fft? me neither
ill be counting up my Blessings all the way to massachusetts tomorrow morning.
at least thats what my folks say. my guess is, dad will fly up tomorrow and the rest of us will join him for the Funeral sometime this week.

im not mad at god or anything. that would be pointless. ive been talking to him more than ever. i guess it sucks that i rely on him more in my shitty times than in my good times. i tend to forget he's there. that or i ignore the Fact. which is probably worse.

ive eaten once since february 16th. not because i dont want to. eating just doesnt work right now.

sure, im Depressed. everyone gets Depressed sometimes. and they always get over it. that or kill themselves. but im not killing myself. especially not over a girl. that would be really lame. way too Dashboard. i thought about it for a day. not really about killing myself, just being dead. being gone. its the ultimate Escape, ya know? so easy. i thought about killing myself in 10th grade, but who didnt. anyway, im not gonna kill myself, or anyone else for that matter. im not even gonna write a song. or listen to elliott smith. or get drunk.

im so tired.

ive actually really been avoiding this post. because i dont want to have to think about anything. maybe not so much that... because its inevitable, but im just trying to think positively i guess. and making this journal entry would force me to think about the negative things. but to receive Closure, or whatever, its totally necessary to confront the negative things. i dont like the word Closure. thats stupid. i guess, just, to be completely alright, i have to confront them. my grandmas Death made me realize i cant just leave these things. or let myself get angry. because Anger is so much easier than Hurt. i just need to choose how to deal with them.

anyway, pray for me if youre into that, if not, wish the best for me, or whatever. im sorry if im ever an ass to you or anything. i guess im probably more of an ass when im not depressed. either way, im alright, dont worry about me. but i miss everyone. my losses are making me value my friendships more. especially the more distant ones. so i love you and hope youre all doing well.

tomorrow im waking with the dawn...

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to all you peter gabriels   
04:45pm 03/02/2006
  bitches aint shit  
we love each other   
03:40pm 23/12/2005
  i here dem peeple in de street sayin van winkle dead. van winkle aint dead! he only sleepin!!!


lovey dovey clicky wikpikCollapse )

that is so much and good and i only wish erryone could have been there

there are more pictures that you can take from my AIM if you want themmmm, just Get File and it will open straight to this folder.

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the breads meow   
02:45am 10/12/2005
  i dont normally do these, but i thought it would be funnunnunnnnn.

Instructions: Take the first few sentences from the first post of each month of 2005. That's your year in review.

"happy november 14th!!!"

"happy birthday ryan, my little 90's rock princess."

"Prose before Ho's"

"is liking dave matthews indie yet?"

"I smell a ________(noun)"

"the stew before the storm, just imagine the beard"

"after math, we colered pikchers. i drawed and colered a pikcher of my frend stew."

"a lot has happened in the last month and i am going to write about it all right here right now in my livejournal: [picture of old man playing guitar]"

"were playing at ground zero on april 2nd with emo bands and this cat:"

"oh my gracious i wont be able to eat salads for months. just like that time i saw a slug on a leaf"

"formerly thequazis"

i guess ive only had this livejournal for a year, and i never posted all that much in it. but i got inspired reading through my old journal the other night.

me and georgia hung out all day, and then rico, and then taylor, and it was just a ball of a day, and it continues to be. georgia is really one hot item, you know. shes a real keeper. and shes dang cute. ill meow to that!

here's our album cover, designed by t. georgia a. smith & co.
for toniggght

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all hungry double sandwich   
06:27pm 05/12/2005
  max found a hot version of me from 1969, also known as david bowie
stew bowie

and then i found this one.............
stew bowie

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you can imagine my delight?   
09:15pm 15/11/2005

i found this browsing the newspaper last night.
i know, i know...

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01:55am 14/11/2005
  happy november 14th!!!  

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scum of da erf, da walkin ded   
02:49pm 05/11/2005
  me and rico are listening to shutter. i remember when i got this cd i made them all sign it to make them feel as awkward and lame as possible. all in good spirits of course. and now im in a band with ben. that slut.

i got in from singin at 6 dis mornin. jason is a good driver and we stayed awake de whole time listening to ben fyolds and supadrag. matt taylor from evoka tracked us. hes a good guy. and a little hottie.

heres special reason, steve jackson and jeremy ray

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theres no one around   
03:59am 03/11/2005
  me (stire) taylor (tazor) and rico (sade[lovers rock]) played scrabble.

scrabble party

georgia and i listened to lamb lies down tonight, it was a deeply religious experience? but really. it was good.

"look up all hungry double sandwich!"

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i love my dog as much as i love you   
09:39pm 29/10/2005
  did any of you guys steal 600 dollars from me? if so, let me know sometime soon so i can get through the next few weeks. i have 8 dollars.

today i sang into a big ol large diaphragm condenser microphone for 6 hours. my throat hurtsz. the pest part of recording today was when the computer shut down and we lost 4 verses, because matt never saved it. open apple s matt, open apple s. see, we doubled everything. so overall its like we did 4 verses, 4 choruses and 2 bridges, when in actuality its half that, recorded twice, layered. get it? good.

taylor and rico are here.

youre not helping yourself creep.

happy birthday winona:

open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s. open apple s.

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03:56am 27/10/2005
  well isnt this just cute and awkward.


i call it, stargia

i just found poor little sam in the shower, thinking it was 630 in the morning and time to get ready for school. i love sam.

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da dee da, dee deedee dee da, da dee da   
04:58am 26/10/2005
mood: happy
thank you charter high speed internet, for shutting off and screwing me over and making me stay up until 5 to work on this paper, i love you and all that you do for me.

here's to another unconscious math class.

(im not gonna lie, this is sorta fun [but it wont be tomorrow])

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heartmonster is proactive   
03:29pm 22/10/2005

both sam and abby have xangas now! what is this!

im so sick from eating so much nasty crap last night, and maybe from drinking a fair amount of nasty crap, but i sort of doubt it. all the while i just laughed and said "man im gonna be sooo sick tomorrow!" oh well. at least i stayed sober. heres to another week of not eating.

im so stressed out!! its hilarious! im sure 5 hours of sleep last night didnt help. ive got a hellova lotta work to do and very little time alloted to me.

ah holy crap, one thing that i was looking forward to relieving my anxiousness today (watching doom, har har) got cancelledddd oh wellll.

i have to be at church at 730 tomorrow so i can play bass. ridikkulus.

someone ate my sushi while i was gone and no one is fessing up to it. i will get to the bottom of this. you dont just eat another mans sushi.

im done.

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Cathedrals are broken, heaven's no longer above, and hellfire's a promise away   
12:28pm 13/10/2005
  yesterday i got my cyst removed from my arm. it'd been there for NINE years. thats a really long time to have that nasty thing on my arm. i dont know why i suddenly decided i wanted it gone, but im happy with the decision, i dont miss it. haha.

i really enjoyed being in the hospital yesterday.... hahahaha.... it was like revisiting my past. itd been about a year and a half since id been in a hospital... the last time was when i got that thing (which i think was a boil?) in my finger removed and it made me miss the hanson show. ive had 8 surgeries in the past four years that i can think of off the top of my head.

anyway, sitting in math class thinking about going to the hospital set me off on remembering when i had epilepsy like... 6 years ago. it was called Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and im pretty sure i just grew out of it when i was like... 11 or 12. that sounds right. i started writing about it in my math notebook, because i hadnt thought about it in years. i nearly cried sitting there, hahahaha. it was the scariest thing when they would happen. it always happened while i was asleep. i would wake up with no control over my body, but totally clear consciousness. i couldnt talk though. and that was always the scariest thing for me, because if someone were to see it happen, theyd be scared to death, but i wouldnt be able to tell them what was going on. anyway, i would shake a lot (maybe thats why i shake now?), but i was really stiff, and it always took a really long time to regain control of my body. i cried every time. and i always had the most terrible stale taste in my mouth... haha. i would always wake up so ashamed or embarrassed the next day. i had so many tests run on me. mostly just a lot of CAT scans and EEGs. CAT scans were bad, because i wasnt allowed to move in the big tube/donut thing for like half an hour. but then the EEGs were the worst because they put probes all over my head and chest and monitored my brainwaves while i tried to sleep.

well, since no ones going to read that, i may as well not make this a waste of a perfectly good livejournal post:

lets get nostalgic

vw xmas

vw orgy

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friends and strangers...   
02:36pm 11/10/2005
  there are too many random people on xanga now (like my sister!), it makes me feel uncomfortable, and since livejournal is so 2 years ago, maybe i should use it more. what?

college has given me an appetite for cold pizza. and sixteen year old girls. just kidding.

sibling rivalry

those are my brothers and sister. its weird. i dont think ive ever had a picture of the four of us together. thats from last friday.

this weather. mm.

i hit sarahs car backing out of my driveway last weekend. isnt that dumb? she was riding with me. hahaha. i wonder how much its gonna cost to fix.

i get to hear georgia sing on friday and im excited.


beast wars

(thats david hasslehoff, not george michael in sams bubble.... if scooter wasnt taking up all the space in my bubble, you'd probably see george michael somewhere)

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